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Dedicated company fulfilling water purifying, cooling & repairing service requirements of residential, corporate, & commercial customers, since 2010..

Mr. Gopal Singh started his own, independent business venture in 2010 with a motive to provide people access to clean drinking water. Gone are the days when people need not to filter the tap water for drinking, cooking and other purposes. As the impurities in water supplied in homes, offices, shops and workshops grew and people became aware of the health problems associated with it, they left with no other choice then to opt for techniques to purify water, like boiling, chlorination, and iodine treatment. All these methods were troublesome and impractical to meet daily needs. This was the time when people in India needed a simple water purification solution, and that was when RO water purifiers were introduced and slowly gained strong roots in the market of water purification. SS Enterprises & Services is one name serving the requirements for RO Water Purifier of many for eight years.